Buena High Class of 1970

45th Reunion - July 11th 2015 Ventura Crown Plaza
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45th Reunion 2015

Our 45th Buena High
Class of 1970 Reunion's date is set!
July 11th, 2015
Crown Plaza Ventura

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Tom HarrisHi everyone! We had such a great time at the 60th Birthday Bash. I look forward to 2015 and our 45th Reunion. Please post your ideas here!


    Tom Harris



      Welcome to the Buena 1970 website. Please get the word out to any of our school alumni, that our site is up and running and ready for your interaction. I encourage you to post pictures of you and your family, write stories, tell us where life has taken you in the last forty years, and chat with old friends.

      We have had two great events since July 2010. We had a fantastic reunion at the Ventura Beach Marriott in 2010. The organizational team of Lynn Miller McReynolds, Loretta Croxen Scott, Fran Belmond Schmeer, Nancy Vail Nauman, Debbie Van Sant Elwel and I put together a terrific party. 
      We had such a good time we decided to have a Group 60th Birthday bash on July 28th 2012. It was very successful! Nancy and I had such a great time! Lynn, Loretta and Fran were the main organizers and did another fantastic job.

      Please leave a post in the Guestbook, add your own personal Photo and link Gallery under 'My Stuff'.
      Also feel free to upload your own photos. You can create your own Album under Class Photos or add to a current Album.
      Tom Harris

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